What are the benefits of choosing an umbrella company like Husp?

There are many benefits of choosing an umbrella company. Firstly, it takes the stress out of contracting. You don’t need to worry about the payroll and admin and you don’t need to spend time learning about tax rules or paying an accountant to manage your books for you. You can just concentrate on doing what you’re good at and delivering for your clients.

As well as making your life simpler, one of the other main reasons for choosing to use an umbrella company is that your employment will continue even when your projects change. This is important for two key reasons:

  • Access to employment rights, for example, maternity/paternity pay, sick pay, pensions
  • Evidence of continued employment when applying for credit

You won’t need to worry about self-assessments or the risk of unexpected tax bill. You can be confident it’s all been handled for you in line with all the rules and regulations.

You’ll also have the back up of an experienced HR team, meaning you won’t be alone if things don’t go as planned.

What employment benefits can I access?

Being an umbrella company employee means you can access all of the statutory employment benefits including:

  • Maternity, Paternity or Adoption Pay
  • Sick Pay
  • Workplace Pensions
  • Holiday Pay

You’ll need to meet the latest eligibility requirements for these which you can find on the government website. You can find out more about your pension options here.

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