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Guest Blog:
Keith Peters, Head of Resourcing at Huntswood

Your CV is vital as a contractor and it’s essential you make sure it’s right for the role you are applying for. My team reads hundreds of contractor CVs every week and I’ve pulled together some top tips below to help you create a CV which will give you the best chance of landing the role.

Keith Peters, Head of Resourcing at Huntswood
Make sure it’s accurate

There’s nothing which makes you less likely to secure a role than lying on your CV. We check all the details you provide including your work history. If you embellish the truth, omit roles or provide incorrect dates of employment, you will be caught out and will likely jeopardise your chances of securing a future role that you might have had the right experience for.

Make sure it’s complete

If you have gaps in your work history it can sometimes raise questions. It’s much better to make sure that any gaps are explained to speed up the process. It’s absolutely fine to state that you were travelling or raising a family if that’s what you were doing. If we know this information from the outset, we can help you to provide the right documentation to cover gaps when it comes to satisfying our referencing and vetting criteria.

Make it specific

Make sure you update your CV for the role you are applying to. Go through the job specification and make sure you’ve included the relevant experience under the previous roles where you’ve gained it. Make it easy for the resourcer to see that you’ve got the experience they are looking for.

Make it easy to access

Make sure you check the file formats which are acceptable and if you’re not sure a word document is a safe bet. Even if you use a Mac there’s no guarantee the resourcing team will have one (and it’s unlikely!) so make sure you convert pages documents into word documents before sending them to make it easy to open and review.

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